“Amazing Secrets That Took Me From A $14 Dollar Investment To A $4,000,000 Dollar Business In Just 4 Years!”
( Without Any Formal Training ...! )

Read on and find out how these same secrets can work for you... 

Dear Friend, 

I’m so excited for you... 

Please take a few minutes from your busy life and let me have your full attention, because what I’m about to tell you could Change Your Life Forever!


For the last few years, I have been living my dream lifestyle...  Of being able to wake up every morning and decide what I would like to do with that day.  For instance, taking an extra hour in bed, not rushing off to the office, or having to do shift work.  Enjoying a leisurely breakfast or brunch, and being able to read the daily newspapers without any hassle.  And then perhaps spending a couple of hours working on one of my businesses.  Some days I’m just preparing holidays abroad for my wife and me, or the whole of my family.  You know, you only have one life...

Who wants to live it working hard, with little to show for it?
Maybe you have a great job that’s well paid, but little time left to enjoy the money you make?
What’s the kind of salary you’d love to earn?  
Is there a dream house you’d love to live in?  
What’s the car you fantasise about driving?
Or the exotic holiday you’ve always imagined taking? 
All these things could be closer to you than you think!  I want to introduce you to a world where The Very Rich share their SECRETS that could Change Your Life Forever
Imagine living in FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!

IMAGINE being able to take holidays whenever you like, wherever you like.
MAGINE being able to buy new designer clothes and shoes every season without even glancing at the price tag.  

IMAGINE even in the smallest details of life – never again having to go through the awkwardness of splitting down a bill when you’ve invited friends to a restaurant for a meal... IMAGINE simply saying “I’LL PAY…!!!” without Any Embarrassment, CONFIDENT that you’re able to afford it!!!  

It sounds good, right?  Maybe it sounds too good to be true?   And that’s why I’ve taken the time to write this letter, because I know that it’s real...

If you spare just a few minutes to read on, you’ll find out how IT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU TOO!!! 

My name is Dave Shore and I live in the U.K. with my family. As I grew up I lived on government housing estates.

I worked in several factories until I left home and got married. I then worked for a charity.

Like you, I’m just an ordinary person...
Most of my working life was a constant financial struggle to provide for my wife and our 3 children. 



I had been dreaming for many years about starting my own business.  And then one day, something happened that was SO HUGE and yet SO EASY, I’m almost embarrassed to tell you about it... 

But before I tell you, let me back up a little by saying... “nothing just happens by chance”.   There is usually a build up to these things...

Like many people, I had been dreaming into the future...  You know the kind of things... About being so rich I could do anything I wanted…  I could buy a Grande House in its own grounds, with an indoor pool and gym...  I could buy great clothes and travel wherever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to…   

But I didn’t know HOW TO GET STARTED because I had NO FORMAL TRAINING in business or making money.  I have since found out that this is one of the most COMMON BARRIERS to people reaching the lifestyle of their dreams!  

But the greatest thing is... You can start right now, from where you are!!!

THAT’s why I’m writing this for you today.  Because I know there are thousands, if not millions of people just like you who have dreams and aspirations about making large amounts of money 

          so that they can...


You see, I now take holidays almost whenever and wherever I want to.  I say “almost,” because two of my sons are still in school and I cannot just take them out at any time I choose.  But in recent years we’ve been to Disney World Florida, hired villas in America and Spain.  

I’ve been able to take my wife on romantic holidays, just the two of us, to several of our favourite places on Spanish Islands and in the U.K.  

My hobbies have become my businesses and I enjoy travelling to different parts of the world to do my business (hobbies!).  Imagine being paid to do the very things you love doing!

It’s changed the way I live my life...

One of the greatest thrills is NOT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT THE PRICES OF THINGS.
  Being able to buy expensive items whether for my 3 sons or my wife, regardless of the price tag. 


Where I would have waited for cheaper prices in the sales!   

Or when my children asked for money for treats on holiday I had to send them away with a big ‘NO’.  

Or previous vacations where I’ve been known to take food in the suitcases to keep the cost down so that we could afford the holiday!  
These are a thing of my past and I want them to be a thing of your past too…  

Read on and discover how YOU TOO can easily bring in lots of money.

So far I have held back from revealing HOW I GREW A $4 MILLION Dollar Business from a $14 Dollar investment without special training or ANY previous experience!!! 

One reason is because you might ‘Switch Off’ and say “That’s not my line of business” or 
“It’s not my area of expertise” or “That’s not my dream”.  And so DISQUALIFY YOURSELF FROM DISCOVERING THE POWERFUL SECRETS OF WEALTH CREATION!

Another reason for this is, I have several businesses that are all completely different!  But I use the SECRETS OF THE RICH AND SUCCESSFUL in all my business ventures.   

Here’s a copy of my actual bank statement from the day that changed my life.  That’s right, I pulled in just over £94K (that’s the equivalent of approximately $150,000...) as a complete beginner in business.  

On 17th October, 2003, I banked £94,436.78 (precisely!) which I made in my first deal.  
I’ve included a copy of my personal bank statement showing the money going into my account, which I hope will go some way to proving my genuineness and authenticity! (personal bank statements are never used by cheap Get-Rich-Quick scams!)

Remember – I had never done business before – but since that day, using the same SECRET PRINCIPLES of multi-millionaires, I went on to grow my investment into a $4 MILLION DOLLAR Property Portfolio, AND start several other businesses.

The day that changed my life was the day I sold my family home. My relatives said I was crazy because that house was the only security for my wife and 3 boys. Others told me that I was being irresponsible and that I could end up with nowhere for my family to live.
Inspired by a $14 dollar information product, I ignored all their fears and doubts, sold my house, and started buying other properties!  Until the present day where I now have a $4 Million Dollar Property Portfolio that is estimated to DOUBLE IN VALUE every 10 years!!!

Do the Maths….10 years $8million….20 years $16million…. 30 years $32million.... etc

And that will happen if I do nothing except look after the properties that I have!  It will increase even more if I buy more properties (which I intend to do). I also plan to leave these as an INHERITANCE to my 3 sons.  I will give them a far better start in their adult life than I had.

But that is only one of my businesses. I have just set up an export/import company in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I also have a Business Coaching Partnership evolving in Dar as part of my long term aim of equipping and encouraging entrepreneurship in Tanzania .  I am involved in other businesses too, but I’m just giving you a flavour of what I do! 

During my 20 years of coming to Tanzania, I have seen the need to harness and encourage the entrepreneur spirit that is so strong in the country.
All this from a $14 Dollar Investment in an information product that gave me some of the Secrets of how rich people think.

It’s these secrets I want to make available to you today.  They will introduce you to the Amazing Lives of self made multi-millionaires ... but more about that later...
 Oh, by the way – here’s another little dream that I had... 

This is my pine lodge tucked away at the bottom of my garden (it’s 42’x18’x11’!).  

It contains my Office, Personal gym, Shower room, Kitchen and Study.  
I paid a company to come and erect it for me.  It’s all built to my specification with the money I’ve made.  I am more than able to work from home and have plenty of time with my family.  
It is an unexplainable feeling of not having to join the rush hour, like all the rest. I’m able to wake up slowly and spend the start of each new day with my wife and 3 sons. 
I say these things not to boast, but to show that I’m genuine.

What about you?  Is this the kind of lifestyle you’re looking for?

Life is full of choices.  TODAY YOU HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE!  You can choose to just dream…  Or to DO something about that dream.  If you DON’T do something about your dream TODAY, I guarantee another year will pass and you’ll say the same thing next year...  And the next year after that!

What I’m offering you is the chance of having the lifestyle of your dreams! 

AND the secrets of wealth creation will help you take your first step - just as I did, with a $14 dollar investment.  I was reluctant because I wanted to buy ‘real investments’, not ‘little books or tapes or cds.’  But what I didn’t realise was...

	Big doors open on small hinges
		Big investments begin with small actions... 

			Great achievements start off with tiny steps... 
I want to help you with that first step – to make a tiny investment that could open up the doors of BIG opportunities.  And I have made sure that there is NO RISK to you – as you will see later.  What could be better than that???  It’s true that money can make a HUGE difference...

Money Gives You Greater Control Of Your Life!

	No money gives you no options.
		Money gives you options 
			More money gives you more options 

				... and LOTS of MONEY gives you LOTS of OPTIONS 

Aren’t you TIRED of working for the Same old boss, with the Same people, and the Same complaints?  

Aren’t you WEARY with having to get by on just enough, and sometimes not enough?   

Wouldn’t you LOVE to earn SO MUCH MONEY that you can have MORE THAN ENOUGH???   WELL YOU CAN!!!

Why not take a small but significant step today?  I’m CONVINCED it could change your life forever...   

... By the way, here’s the car I like to drive.  I have a couple of cars, but this is my favourite!

Let’s dream together...

Now please allow me to move you forward a couple of years.  
I want you to IMAGINE 2 or 3 years from now, and see yourself working from home.  

•	No money worries
•	$10,000’s (possibly $100,000’s) in the bank
•	Your own house paid for
•	Working when you choose
•	The car of your dreams on the driveway... 

All this can happen for you – if you’ll make a decision today

A dream WITHOUT a decision keeps you where you are...

What about you?  Dreaming is wonderful, but is there a growing impatience within you  because... You want the dream to become a reality?

Let me introduce you to the world of the rich and successful...  

  For years I dreamt of having a luxury lifestyle that was exciting and financially free. As I look back now with over $4 million dollars worth of properties, plus other businesses in the U.K. and in Tanzania, I realise My first step was the most important one … To... MAKE A DECISION!!!

   I have MADE MORE MONEY in the last 4 years THAN ALL MY PREVIOUS WORKING LIFE put together (and I’m 47 years old!!!)

Let me stress again - I was TOTALLY UNTRAINED and a COMPLETE BEGINNER, but I had dreams!!!  

 I was an average person doing an average job, with an average salary.  And the language of the business world frightened me.  But when I listened to the SECRETS of the rich and successful, They made me believe that I too could do it.  
I often say to mothers (young and old) who would like to do business but are scared,
 “If you can deliver a baby, you can deliver a business”!!!  

To men who lack confidence in their ability to do business, I get them to see that every day they work for their boss “They are doing business!!!
And I say to them “Why not work for yourself and keep all the profits???”

 So what holds people back?  

I believe it’s a mixture of two things:

1.	FEAR of failure

2.	NOT KNOWING how to get started

These two things can keep you where you are, but the secrets of the rich BOOST CONFIDENCE and INSPIRE YOUR THOUGHTS of how to get started.  
But you may well be saying “that’s fine for people like you Dave, but do they work for others?”  

Well I’m glad you asked!  Here are some people who have bought my products:

“It just makes sense!  Using what I’ve learnt from Dave’s products, I’ve been able to leave my job fully, set up my own business working the hours I want.  I’ve been able to make enough money to convert a farm house into my dream home, worth over £1 million!”
Matt Stephens – York, UK

“I have a regular job, but I started my own business a while ago with the hope of finishing employment and becoming my own boss - but unfortunately I got stuck!  Thanks to you, Dave, I have found a way through to grow my business.  So much so that I am hoping to finish my present employment by the end of this year, in order to live the dream!!!”
Nderingo - Dar Es Salam, Tanzania

“Thanks so much Dave!  Your products have been uplifting and inspiring – so much so that we have both finished our regular employment and can now concentrate on building up our businesses.  We’re able to spend more time raising our family and enjoying our hobbies.”  
Janet & Jonas Ernest – Dar Es Salam, Tanzania 

Dave’s products have given me a wider and greater perspective and inspired me that it’s possible, as a student, to finish my degree not only DEBT FREE, but with a successful business to launch my future with.  Within days I was motivated to put together a business plan and quickly secured finances for starting up.  I now KNOW it’s achievable.”
Ben Carty – Birmingham, UK

Like many people I didn’t have a pension scheme, and I still haven’t.  You see, I’ll never retire because my lifestyle involves only Working For A Few Hours A Day. Yes - I’ve grown in confidence. Enough to start other businesses that take very little of my time, but together they bring in $1000’s every month...

A small acorn ... produces a LARGE OAK TREE...   

Your first step to financial freedom begins with a tiny seed 
that can grow into a huge rich and wealthy lifestyle.  

My products are Tiny Seeds – and are not available at your 
regular shops and stores – they’re only available from an intern
et trader like myself.  

I’m placing the EXCLUSIVE lifestyle of the VERY RICH into your hands by making my products available to you at a fraction of what it would cost you to attend seminars or conferences or ‘bootcamps’ - Saving you valuable time and money.  

AND let me tell you this – I’m SO CONFIDENT that you’ll be INSPIRED by what you hear, that if you’re not happy – I’LL GIVE YOU ALL YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

But I’m sure that won’t be necessary.  These products are so valuable - I still use them today to find successful principles for growing my businesses.  Some of the CDs I have listened to dozens of times, but I always get something new and fresh.  

Maybe you’re thinking... “I’ve heard all this before”, and you’re feeling sceptical, thinking that it’s just another ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ scheme.  Let me say right here, right now, that my products WILL NOT turn you into a multi-millionaire tomorrow (anyone who tells you different is plainly lying). 

 But over time these Tried and Tested  SECRETS  have turned ordinary men and women into Multi Millionaires!!!   

In order to build trust between us, I want to give you an introductory offer to my information products.  It consists of 2 CDs and a manual containing the entire transcripts of both CDs.  

It’s about a man who became a successful multi-millionaire before he was 30 years old

He was an ordinary man - a taxi driver – and he shares his story and his secrets.  This has inspired me many times and I am confident it will inspire you.  SO MAKE THE DECISION TODAY and begin to find out the SECRETS that only the rich know.  

What’s it worth to be FINANCIALLY FREE?  

Surely more than $500?  

More even than $1000...

      or even $5000???

Considering that any of my products could give you ONE IDEA which could bring in $1000s for you, what I’m going to ask for is tiny in comparison.
Remember, I made a cool $150,000 in my first deal alone!!!

So for a small investment of $29.99 (for a very limited time only), the CDs and A4 manual can be yours.  

	It’s a TINY investment!!!	

It’s a RISK FREE investment...

I want to give you the chance to get started on your road to financial freedom WITHOUT ANY RISK OR OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER which is why I ALWAYS offer my...

100% RISK-FREE Money-Back Guarantee…

And I'll make it a very straightforward guarantee. If you’re not happy with my products, just send the CDs and manual back to me WITHIN 30 DAYS and I'll refund your $29.99 in full. That's it.

Just send everything back within 30 days and I will refund your money!

I firmly believe that my SECRETS can change your life Forever  So don’t delay today...

You too can enjoy the wonderful lifestyle of the rich and successful.  Remember, I was in your situation just a few years ago, but now I have a property portfolio worth over $4,000,000 DOLLARS and other businesses which take me to exotic places like the United States of America, Dubai and Tanzania 

Let me remind you again that this is NOT A Get-Rich-Quick scheme and all my photographs are my own and not borrowed from an internet site!


Being able to get up when you please, working for only 2 or 3 hours a day – if you want to – working for yourself and NOT someone else. 

Able to travel and visit foreign countries like the UK and the US
 Able to buy your own house.  

Able to drive the car of your dreams. 

 It’s Just A Whole New World.  And It Starts Here...

Ordering ‘The Cash Flow System’ from Breakthrough4U is easy:  

Simply Print and complete the PRIORITY RETURN FORM and send with your cheque for $29.99 to Breakthrough4U, Global Business Centre, Low Poppleton Lane, North Yorkshire, YO26 6BB, UK


This package is 100% GUARANTEED. And remember, I make it a very straightforward guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with my products, just send the CDs and manual back to me WITHIN 30 DAYS and I'll refund your $29.99 in full. That's it.

It’s That Simple.

Within a short time you’ll have your new products in your hands, which will inspire and motivate you on your road to financial freedom.

Decide Today to start the journey to MAXIMUM WEALTH, with MINIMUM EFFORT!  

Kindest regards,

Dave Shore

P.S. – The Potential and Possibilities from my range of products are incredible (remember, this is just one introductory product, to get you started and establish trust between us).  And at this Special Price for a Limited Time Only, you can’t afford not to request your copy of these Powerful Life Changing CDs Today!

P.P.S. – STOP DREAMING and TAKE ACTION – they were the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life!

And remember you have NOTHING TO LOSE whatsoever - let me remind you that you are completely covered by our 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.  It doesn’t get any better or easier than this – it’s win-win! Priority_Form.htmlPriority_Form.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1